Open .TST files in LinkWare PC

At times our TAC group has been contacted by customers attempting to review results from Versiv in .TST files.  This is the raw data format used by Versiv to store the results.  Perhaps the most common way this scenario occurs is that the technician has exported the results from Versiv to a USB flash drive, and it then became necessary to zip the file and send it electronically to a different user.

LinkWare PC has an option on the Red Down Arrow Import button to import .TST files, but for a successful import, all of the .TST files must be contained in the same folder.  If the technician did export results to a USB flash drive, you will see that the .TST files are contained within project subfolders.

A better approach is to extract the contents of the zip file to a new folder on your PC.  Then choose File, Import From USB, and choose the new folder your created which contains the extracted folders and (.TST) files.  The dialog box will show you how many records are found, and give the user the option to Select Records to Import or Import All Records.  This way, when the import operation is completed, the project hierarchy will be preserved in LinkWare PC.

Last step:  After the Import, SAVE the LinkWare PC project with a .FLW file extension.