Calibration check - LinkWare PC

When you import records from a DSX-5000 or DSX-8000 CableAnalyzer, CertiFiber Pro, OptiFiber Pro or DTX CableAnalyzer, LinkWare PC will check the calibration date of the attached measurement module (or mainframe in the case of a DTX Cable Analyzer) against the date on your computer. Factory calibration is recommended every 12 months. When the instrument is within 60 days of needing a calibration, the user will be presented with a warning:
            Message for Calibration Certificate Expiry
 If the calibration is past due, the user will be presented with:

You have the option of not showing this warning again for that tester. Be careful. If you select this option, you will no longer get a warning. To undo this, press CTRL  ALT  R to see:


This will reset the warning for ALL testers.