Merging Fiber Records - LinkWare PC

The Fiber Record Merge utility lets you merge fiber records with the same IDs, but different types of tests. For example, you can merge DTX loss/length records with OptiFiber OTDR records. You will need the latest version of LinkWare Stats to do this.
A fiber record can contain the following: 
  • Two OTDR tests (from End 1 and End 2)
  • One Loss/Length certificate
  • One ChannelMap result
  • Two FiberInspector images (from End 1 and End 2)
  • Two power meter results (from End 1 and End 2)
To merge fiber records 
Move the records to be merged into the same project in LinkWare. You can create a new project by placing your mouse over All Tests, and right click as shown here. 
  • The records to be merged must have the same cable IDs.
  • To edit cable IDs, right-click on a record; then select Report Properties.

Select Utilities > Fiber Record Merge. LinkWare displays a message if there are no mergeable records in the list.  

Select the records you want to merge; then click OK. Merged records appear in the record list with (M) following their cable IDs. The original records remain in the list. You may delete them if desired. 

      Merging Fiber Records in LinkWare Software

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