Using Epson LW-PX400 with LinkWare Live

LinkWare Live and the Epson LW-PX400 can be used together to print labels from the Cable ID sets in your LinkWare Live projects. 

Here are the steps:


Step 1:  Configure Project in LinkWare Live, including

  • Test Setup
  • Test Configuration
  • Cable ID Set(s)

The Project Status needs to be set as Active.


Step 2:  Install Epson Datacom App on mobile phone

The Epson Datacom app is available on Google Play for Android and on the App Store for IOS.


Step 3:  Pair mobile phone to LW-PX400 over Bluetooth.  No password is needed for Bluetooth pairing.

Ensure that your mobile phone has a WiFi connection so it can connect to LinkWare Live in the next step.


Step 4:  Open the Epson Datacom App and configure the print job.

  • Tap the LinkWare Live button and log in to LinkWare Live with Username and Password
  • Tap Organization
  • Tap Project that contains the ID List
  • Select Label type (this should match the cartridge in the label machine).
  • Select Cable IDs

Important:  By default the Datacom App selects all the Cable IDs in the project.  If you do not want to print them all, tap Deselect and then select the desired subset you want to print. Tap NEXT.

  • Print from the Epson Datacom App by taping the Printer icon.


If the job will not print, check these items:

  • Go back in the app and check the printer status.  The label maker icon in the top right of the Datacom interface should have a blue bubble and white checkmark.  If you see a red X, tap it and select the LW-PX400 label maker.
  • Ensure the LW-PX400 is powered on.
  • Make sure the label type you chose matches the cartridge in the label maker.


What if I need hardware support for the LW-PX400 or help installing the Datacom App?

The LW-PX400 and Epson Datacom App are supported by Epson Support.

Fluke Networks provides support for LinkWare Live.