Using Brady BMP®51 or BMP®61 portable printers with LinkWare Live

The Brady Text Label Mobile App has been updated to integrate the wireless printing capabilities of the Brady BMP®51 or BMP®61 portable printers with LinkWare Live.

The integration between the Brady Text Labels Mobile App and LinkWare Live improves the efficiency and productivity of network and cable labeling processes by eliminating the manual task of loading the printer with data. The same cable identification data that resides on the LinkWare Live database can be used to automate the process of producing the labels.

Note:  The Brady Text Labels App will allow up to 100 Cable IDs per ID Set.  LinkWare Live will allow up to 5,000 IDs per Project.



The Brady Text Labels Mobile App provides the following benefits:

  • Print labels onsite, even without an internet connection. Before traveling to a job site, pull label sets from LinkWare Live software to your local device, ensuring the ability to label cables and panels during testing.
  • Add custom formatting to your labels. Apply custom label formats to your LinkWare Live label sets. Adjust font, bold, italicize, underline, text size, and justification.
  • Save time and reduce errors. Project managers, cable technicians and installers can easily access projects in LinkWare Live to import cable ID data to the Brady BMP51 or BMP61.

The screenshots in this article were from running Brady Text Labels 2.2.0 on a Samsung Galaxy S8 mobile phone connecting to a BMP®61 portable printer.


Step 1:  Configure Your Project in LinkWare Live, including

  • Test Setup
  • Test Configuration
  • Cable ID Set(s)

Note:  The Brady Text Labels app supports up to 100 IDs per ID set.  Make sure you configure your ID sets in LinkWare Live accordingly.

The Project Status in LinkWare Live needs to be set as Active.


Step 2:  Install Brady Text Labels on your mobile phone

The Brady Text Labels app is available on Google Play for Android and on the App Store for IOS.


Step 3:  Set up the printer to use WiFi and then connect with your Android or iOS phone.

This article from Brady explains how to enable WiFi on the BMP®61 portable printer.

BMP61 - Setup to Use WIFI

For help with getting WiFi enabled on the portable printer or getting the Brady Text Labels app to connect, please contact Brady Technical Support at the links near the end of this article.

Enable your mobile phone's wifi hotspot capability and connect to the printer in WiFi settings.


Step 4:  Connect to the printer with the Brady Text Labels app

When you open the Brady Text Label app, it prompts you to select the label supply. In this example, we selected BM61E-06.

Put your finger on the pencil icon and swipe left.


Step 5:  Import the ID List from LinkWare Live

Touch the arrow icon below the keyboard to reveal more choices.  Tap the spreadsheet icon to the left of the text box to select a data source for the IDs.


Choose LinkWare

This will prompt you to log into LinkWare Live; enter your LinkWare Live username and password. 

Select your Organization (if you belong to multiple Organizations)

Choose your Project (in this case test 2-16)

Tap on your Test Configuration which contains the ID List (in this case cat 6a test)

Tap the Test Configuration, then choose the ID List

Accept the import by tapping the check mark (top right)

Here is the successful import of the ID set from the LinkWare Live project and test configuration. 


Step 6:  Print the Labels

Tap the printer icon top right.

Resolve any warnings on Printer & Supply and then press the PRINT button lower right to send the print job to the BMP®61 portable printer.

The printer will prompt you to cut each label after it is printed.



Resources for Brady Portable Printers

Brady Technical Support provides support for the Brady portable printers.

Contact Brady Technical Support at 1-800-643-8766 (7AM – 6PM CST) to request help getting drivers loaded or WiFi connection working for the Brady printer.  You may also email them at

BMP®61  Label Printer with WiFi Product Information

BMP®61  User Guide


Support for LinkWare Live:

Fluke Networks Technical Assistance Center supports LinkWare Live.  If you have an issue to report with LinkWare Live, please contact support here or open a new support case through your My Account login.