Probe Tips-FiberInspector Pro

FiberInspector Pro comes standard with 4 probe tips in the probe tip box.  

This setup provides tips for inspection on SC, FC and LC type connector endfaces, and SC and LC bulkheads.

Going clockwise from the top, when viewing the image below, these are the FC/SC Bulkhead tip, 2.5mm Universal tip, 1.25mm Universal tip, and LC bulkhead tip.



Bolded part numers below are orderable individually through an authorized reseller of Fluke Networks products.

PT2-FS/PC/F = FI1000-SCFC-TIP    (SC and FC bulkhead video probe tip)

PT2-U2.5/PC/M = FI1000-2.5-UTIP   (2.5 mm universal video probe tip for patch cords)

PT2-U1.25/PC/M = FI1000-1.25-UTIP    (1.25 mm universal video probe tip for patch cords

PT2-LC/PC/F = FI1000-LC-TIP    (LC bulkhead video probe tip)



This tip set is also orderable as 

FI1000-TIP-KIT    -  4 FI-1000 tips in a box (LC, FC/SC bulkhead, 1.25 and 2.5mm universal)