Viewing APC Endfaces

FI-500 Fiber Inspector Micro uses APC probe tips to view APC (angled physical contact) connectors.  Probe tips for APC have a green ring.  A green housing on the connector is a tipoff that your connector has APC endface finish.  And since the angle is only 8%, it can be hard to distinguish the difference between a connector with an APC endface finish and a connector with a UPC endface finish with the naked eye.  It is for this reason that most manufacturers use the green housing to indicate APC.


APC Endfaces Green Ring


4 UPC tips are included (SC, LC, 1.25mm and 2.50 mm) with FI-5000.  The APC tips are always a separate purchase.  FI-500-TP-APC is a kit of four APC tips in a convenient case – SC, LC, 1.25 mm and 2.50 mm.  An FC APC tip is also available.

You cannot use the (blue) UPC probe tips to view APC endfaces with the FI-500.  If you try to do that, you will not be able to focus to see the core and endface on the FI-500 display.  The geometry of the APC tips will accommodate the 8% angle of the APC endface finish on the ferrule so you will be able to view the endface on the display.

Inspecting an APC Endface:

  1. Connect the APC probe tip to the FI-500 and insert the ferrule into the probe tip. 
  2. Press the AutoFocus (AF) button on the probe. 
  3. If the image does not show right away, rotate the housing a quarter turn and try the autofocus again.  You may need to rotate a few times to bring the core into focus.

The 1.25 mm connector tip (FI-500TP-A125F) is for LC APC endface inspection on fiber patch cords (see photo). 

The 2.5 mm connector tip (FI-500TP-A25F) is for SC APC endface inspection on fiber patch cords (see photo). 

The FI-500TP-ALCF is for LC APC bulkhead fiber connectors (see photo). 

The FI-500TP-ASCF is for SC APC bulkhead fiber connectors (see photo). 


What if the APC endface needs cleaning?

The OneClick IBC cleaners can be used on both UPC and APC connectors.  The 1.25 mm aqua blue tip (NFC-IBC-1.25mm) is for cleaning LC fiber patch cords and bulkhead ports.  The 2.5 mm grey tip (NFC-IBC-2.5mm) is for cleaning SC, ST, FC, and E2000 connectors and endfaces.


How to use the IBC OneClick:

Remove the cap to clean an endface on a patch cable.

Remote the entire tip to clean a bulkead port.

Push until it clicks (once or twice), and then inspect the endface or bulkead port again.  


Sometimes connectors with grease and baked-on debris need more than a dry contact cleaning method to remove it.

We recommend NFC-SolventPen by Fluke Networks and the foam tipped NFC-Swabs, available in 1.25mm and 2.5mm sizes. 

Click here for more information on our Fiber Optic Cleaning Kits.