FI-3000 Connecting to a Mobile Device

FI-3000 uses the FI-IN app installed on an IOS device or Android mobile device (coming soon) to display the fiber endfaces being inspected.  It connects to your mobile device using WiFi Direct.

Network name: FI-3000_serial number

Password:  1234567890 (this password is the same for all probes and cannot be changed).



Get Started Using FI-3000 FiberInspector Pro by Fluke Networks 

Getting Started Guide:

FI-3000 Getting Started Guide

Download the app:

  • IOS:  Apple Store:  Search for FI-IN by Fluke Networks
  • Android:  Google Play Store:  FI-IN by Fluke Networks



  1. Hold down the power button for 2 seconds to turn the probe on.
  2. Open the FI-IN app on your mobile device
  3. On the Live View Screen, tap the Wi-Fi button
  4. In the list of Wi-Fi hotspots, tap “FI-3000_xxxxxxxx,” where “xxxxxxxx” is the serial number of the probe.
  5. Enter the probe’s password 1234567890.
  6. When the probe is connected, the probe’s SSID shows in green text on the Wi-Fi button.

Note:  If your mobile device shows a message about no internet access, choose to stay connected to the probe.