Customize Test Limit - DTX Fiber Test Kit

If you select General Fiber Optic as your test limit, the loss limit is 4.5 dB. This is a default value. However, you will probably have calculated your own loss budget. If you know the link is 100 meters and there is only one mated connection at each end, the loss budget would be:
          Connector Loss = 0.75 dB
          Cable Loss @ 850 nm = 3.5 / 100 (assuming the fiber loss is 3.5 dB/km
          Connector Loss = 0.75 dB
          Total Loss Budget = 0.75 + .35 + 0.75 = 1.85 dB
To change the limit in the DTX to 1.85 dB, you will need to create a custom Autotest. 
  1. Turn the rotary dial to SETUP.
  2. Select Fiber.
  3. Select Test Limit and press ENTER.
  4. Press F1 to see more standards options.
  5. Select Custom.
  6. Press F1 to create a new limit.
  7. Enter a name for the test limit.
  8. Select Use Default Values From.
  9. Change this to General Fiber Optic (Found in Application directory).
  10. Now you can set your own loss limit at each wavelength.
  11. Now press SAVE to store your new limit.
  12. Press ENTER to select it.
  13. Turn the rotary dial back to AUTOTEST.

Dont forget, in the SETUP the Remote End Setup option needs to be set as Far End Source.