Custom fixed loss with the DTX-EFM2 fiber adapter

Many specifiers hold installers to a higher standard than the approved cabling standards. It's not uncommon to see a fiber test specification with a fxied loss requirement. No problem. The DTX CableAnalyzer can handle that. You just need to create a custom test limit.

If you are able to view YouTube, we have a video that will run you through the procedure.

Or follow these steps

  1. Rotate the dial on the DTX CableAnalyzer to SETUP.
  2. Select Fiber Loss and press ENTER.
  3. Select Test Limit and press ENTER
  4. Press the F1 key for More.
  5. Select Custom and press ENTER.
  6. Press the F1 key to Create.
  7. Select Name Press ENTER.
  8. Enter the name you wish to call this custom test limit.
  9. Press SAVE when done.
  10. Select Use Default Values From and press ENTER.
  11. Press the Up Arrow key to select Application and press ENTER.
  12. Press the Up Arrow key to select General Fiber Optic and press ENTER.
  13. Change the Maximum Length.
  14. Change the Maximum Loss at 850 nm (1310 nm for singlemode)
  15. Change the Maximum Loss at 1300 nm (1550 nm for singlemode)
  16. Press SAVE.
  17. Select your new Custom Test Limit and press ENTER to select it.
  18. Rotate the dial to AUTOTEST.