Visual Fault Locator (VFL) Specifications - DTX Compact OTDR Module

Output power*:
316 μw (-5 dBm) ≤ peak power ≥ 1.0 mw (0 dbm)

Operating wavelength:
650 nm nominal

Spectral width
± 3 nm

Output modes:
Continuous wave and pulsed mode (2 Hz to 3 Hz blink frequency)

Connector adapter:
2.5 mm universal

Laser safety:
  • Into SMF-28 singlemode fiber, continuous wave and pulse modes, SC/UPC connector.
VFL port: Class 2
Complies with EN60825-1 and EN61010-1 (CE) and CFR21

Visual fault locator (VFL) output with universal fiber connector and protective cap. The connector accepts 2.5 mm ferrules

Never start a test or activate the OUTPUT port or VFL port without first connecting a fiber to the port you will use.