Tone Generator - DTX CableAnalyzer

The tone generator on the tester and smart remote produces a standard 2 kHz tone for locating cables and jacks with a tone probe such as the Fluke Networks IntelliTone probe.

DTX CableAnalyzer

The tone probe detects the toners signal and makes a sound that gets louder as you get closer to the cable or jack transmitting the signal.
The tone is generated on pair 1, 2.
The tone generator does not generate the IntelliTone signal.
1.        Attach a twisted pair adapter to the tester or smart remote.
2.        Connect the tester or smart remote to the cabling as shown below:

Tester Connected with Cable

3.        To turn on the testers toner press Test Button.

4.        To turn off the toner, press Test Buttonagain.