Testing USOC with the DTX CableAnalyzer

USOC is an abbreviation for Universal Service Order Code. It is associated with telephone wiring. USOC is not permitted in Category 5e, 6 or Class D, E. The DTX CableAnalyzer has a specific setting for testing USOC wiring.
DTX CableAnalyzer Setup for USOC 

  • Rotate the dial to SETUP, select Twisted Pair.
  • Select Test Limit and press ENTER.
  • Press the F1 key MORE.
  • Select Application and press ENTER. 
  • Select either Voice 1 Pair or Voice 2 Pair.
  • Then change the Outlet Configuration to either USOC Single-Pair or USOC Two-Pair.
  • Rotate the dial to AUTOTEST.
Below is an example of a USOC Two Pair Autotest. 
            Wire Map USOC Two Pair Summary