Steps and Tips to Replace Worn Out Tip on DTX-PLA002


A significant advantage over existing test leads is that when the tip is no longer functional, it can be replaced at a lesser cost than replacing the entire test lead.

The part number to replace the tip on the DTX-PLA002 and DSX-PLA004 is DTX-PLA002PRP.

DTX-PLA002PRP contents:


  • Tip x 2
  • Spring latch x 2
  • Conductive washer x 2
  • Screw x 2
  • Instruction sheet

To replace the tip, use a smaller philips screwdriver to remove the metal housing. The conductive washer is designed to stay on the screw, but please take a little care when removing the housings:

DTX-PLA002PRP Contents


With the metal housing removed, pull off the tip, replace it with the new one.
When re-assembling, ensure the tab on the replacement tip is inserted into the key on the metal housing, indicated below:




Tip End View DTX-PLA002PRP

Put Shell Back On - DTX-PLA002PRP

It is veryimportant that the end tab of the upper housing is not on top of the contact block of the tip and fits inside the space provided for the tab. If the tab is bent by screwing the upper case onto the lower case, it cannot be bent back and if bent, it will likely break off and new case parts must be obtained.

After lowering the upper housing onto the lower housing, the screw is tightened slightly to hold the assembly together.





Upper Housing On Lower Housing