Impulse Noise - DTX CableAnalyzer

The test takes noise voltage samples every second on pair 3,6. The user can change the threshold from 10 mV to 500 mV.
To extend battery life, connect the ac adapter when monitoring impulse noise for extended periods. The testers power down timer is disabled during the impulse noise test.
Monitoring impulse noise without a smart remote may produce unreliable test results.
To monitor impulse noise: 
    1. Attach twisted pair link interface adapters to the tester and smart remote. 

    2. Turn the rotary dial to MONITOR and turn on the smart remote; then connect to the testers to the ends of the cabling. 

    3. Press Test Button

    4. To adjust the noise threshold, press F3 Buttonto Stop; then use the Up Arrow Keyand Down Arrow Keykeys to change the value. Press Test Buttonto resume testing.
Tip: Fluke Networks recommends a noise threshold of 30 mV with an average pulse rate below 0.01/sec for testing 1000BASE-T (Gigabit Ethernet) cabling.

To stop the test at any time, press Exit Button
            Impulse Noise Testing
If you disconnect the tester and smart remote during the impulse noise test, it takes several minutes for the remote to stop testing.