How many Site/Operator Names can I have? - DTX CableAnalyzer

Please ensure you have Version 2.78 in your DTX CableAnalyzer and LinkWare PC 9.6 on your PC.

You can have up to 20 Site Names and 20 Operator Names.
Tip: You can enter these in the DTX CableAnalyzer, but a quicker way to do this is through LinkWare PC. With the DTX CableAnalyzer connected to the PC and LinkWare PC running, click on Utilities > DTX CableAnalyzer > DTX Setup.
A new window will appear:

DTX Setup Screen


Site and Operator from the DTX

You can get the existing Site and Operator Names from the DTX.

Site and Operator to the DTX

Once you have finished editing the Site and Operator Names, you can then send the new names to the DTX.

Save Names to PC

Dont forget to save the new names to the PC so you can use them again in the future or add / delete new names.

To edit the names, click on Plus Iconto reveal: 

DTX Setup for Unused Item Screen

Now double click on an entry to change it: 

DTX Setup for Entering Setup Name Screen