DTX-PLA001 vs. DTX-PLA002

The DTX CableAnalyzer currently ships with two DTX-PLA002 Category 6A/Class EA Permanent Link Adapters. It used to ship with the DTX-PLA001 Permanent Link Adapter and DSP-PM06. The change to DTX-PLA002 was required to support Category 6A/Class EA testing and Alien Crosstalk testing.

Users of DTX-PLA001 with DSP-PM06 are encouraged to migrate to DTX-PLA002. It may not be obvious, but you can still replace the tip on the DTX-PLA002 when it wears out. Reports from the field suggest that the DTX-PLA002 will last well beyond 10,000 insertions, although the official specification for the tip of the DTX-PLA002 is "typically > 5,000 Insertions".

You will however still need the DTX-PLA001 if you are testing 110 Style IDC Wiring Blocks.

DTX-PLA001 with DSP-PM06

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