DTX-ELT CableAnalyzer has limited features

This CableAnalyzer is currently sold in Europe only. It is important to understand that it will NOT:

  • Measure Category 6A, Class EA, Class F and Class FA
  • Accept the DTX-MFM2, GMF2, SFM2 fiber modules or the DTX-NSM Network Service Module 
  • Have the AC wire map capability
  • Autosave results
  • Test Coax Insertion Loss beyond 350 MHz.
  • Have a memory slot (only internal memory) 
  • Allow patch cord certification
  • Permit custom limits

It DOES support the DTX-021S M12 Adapter, but not for M12 patch cord testing.

If you require these features, please look at the DTX-1800 CableAnalyzer.

DTX CableAnalyzer Ordering Information

The DTX-PLA001 is required if you are testing links with wiring blocks.