Determining Cable NVP - DTX CableAnalyzer

There are a number of ways to set the Cable NVP: 

  • Enter the number manually
  • Select the Cable Manufacturer
  • Use a known length of cable to set the NVP

To determine the cable NVP you must first have at least 30 m/100 ft of cable. This cable should then be physically measured to determine the actual length of the cable. The longer the cable you use the more accurate your NVP value will be. 
Rotate the dial to SETUP and select Twisted Pair. Scroll down the screen to NVP. 

Press ENTER to see the following screen: 

Using the Permanent Link Adapters connect the testers to your known length of cable (in this example 30 m) and press TEST. The tester will report what it thinks the length is, in this example 29 m. However, the real length is 30 m. To adjust this figure, use the Up Arrow Keyor Down Arrow KeyKeys to change the value. 

Once the correct length has been achieved simply press SAVE. 

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