Crossover cable testing - DTX CableAnalyzer

You will have noticed that if you select one of the generic cabling standards such as TIA Cat 6 Perm. Link, you are unable to select Crossover in the Outlet Configuration. That is because the generic cabling standards require both ends to be of the same wiring code.

If you need to test a Crossover cable, you can either select a standard which permits this, such as 100BASE-TX, or create a custom test limit. To create a custom test limit:

  1. Rotate the dial to SETUP.
  2. With Twisted Pair highlighted, press ENTER.
  3. With Test Limit highlighted, press ENTER again.
  4. Press F1 More.
  5. Highlight Custom and press ENTER.
  6. Press F1 Create.
  7. With Name highlighted, press ENTER.
  8. Input the name you wish to call this test and press SAVE.
  9. Highlight Use Default Values From and press ENTER.
  10. Highlight a standard you wish to test to and press ENTER.
  11. Press SAVE to save your custom test limit.
  12. Highlight your custom test limit and press ENTER.
  13. Highlight Outlet Configuration and press ENTER.
  14. Highlight Crossover and press ENTER.
  15. Rotate the dial back to AUTOTEST to begin testing.

Your test limit will have an asterisk at the beginning and end of the name to indicate a custom test limit.