Characteristic Impedance - DTX CableAnalyzer

Most test limits do not require the characteristic impedance measurement. Characteristic impedance is not displayed for these limits. Impedance measurements require a cable at least 5 m (16 ft) long. Cables shorter than this length will always pass the impedance test. Characteristic impedance results show approximate characteristic impedance of each cable pair.
Characteristic impedance is the impedance a cable would have if the cable were infinitely long. Proper network operation depends on constant characteristic impedance throughout the systems cables and connectors. Abrupt changes in characteristic impedance, called anomalies, cause signal reflections that can cause network faults.
For those customers that need to document Impedance use the 1000BASE-T Single Test.
Please use the following steps for this test: 
  • Turn the dial to SETUP
  • Choose Twisted Pair from the menu
  • Change the Test Limit to 1000BASE-T
  • Turn the dial to SINGLE TEST
  • Highlight Impedance from the menu
  • Press the TEST button
  • The Impedance for the cable will be tested and can be saved for documentation purposes.