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Calibration - DTX CableAnalyzer

Factory Calibration
The tester requires calibration at a service center once a year to ensure that it meets or exceeds the published accuracy specifications. Contact an authorized Fluke Networks Service Center for information on getting your DTX Cableanalyzer AND fiber modules calibrated.

The following accessories ARE subject to a separate annual factory calibration:

  • DTX Compact OTDR
  • DTX-EFM2
  • DTX-MFM2
  • DTX-GFM2
  • DTX-SFM2

The following accessories are NOT subject to a separate annual factory calibration:

  • DTX-PLA001
  • DTX-PLA002
  • DTX-CHA001
  • DTX-CHA001A
  • DTX-CHA002
  • DTX-PC6S

The fiber modules store their own factory calibration date. The fiber module calibration date can be viewed in LinkWare PC Software. Only an authorized Fluke Networks Service Center can adjust the module and update the stored Calibration Date.

To see when the tester last received a service calibration, connect the main and remote unit together using the Channel Adapters and a patch cord. Power on both units. Turn the rotary switch to SPECIAL FUNCTIONS; then select Version Information.

In the example below, a DTX-MFM2 is inserted into the back of the DTX CableAnalyzer on both the main and remote units:

  • Rotate the dial to SPECIAL FUNCTION, select Version Information and press ENTER:
    DTX CableAnalyzer Version Information
  • Pressing the F3 key (Module) provides information on the fiber module in the main unit:
    Fiber Module  Main Unit Information
  • Pressing the F1 key (Remote Unit) provides information on the fiber module in the remote unit:
    Fiber Module Remote Unit Information

Author: Adrian Young

Creation Date: 2014-02-20

Last Modified: 2014-02-20