Auto Save Results - DTX CableAnalyzer

New to Version 1.4 (LinkWare 2.78) is the ability to make the DTX CableAnalyzer save results automatically - you will not need to press the SAVE button twice to save a test result. To enable this function, rotate the dial on the DTX CableAnalyzer to SETUP > Tab 5 > Auto Save Results > Yes.

            Highlighted Auto Save Results Setting

When Auto Save Results is set to Yes, the tester automatically saves Autotests using the next ID available from the Cable ID Source. The main Autotest screen shows the next ID.

            DTX CableAnalyzer Autotest Main Screen

If Cable ID Source is set to None or all the IDs have been used, Next ID is blank and you enter IDs manually after each Autotest. Selecting No lets you enter or select IDs manually after each Autotest.

The next CableID to be tested is also displayed during the Autotest.

            CableID Testing In Progress

When the Autotest is completed, it will Automatically save the result.

            Autotest Result Confirmation Screen

And then return to the front screen, where in this example, the Cable ID has incremented to 1A/8A-A.02

            Updated Next CableID on Main Screen