Measurement Bias settings - DTX Alien Crosstalk

The measurement Bias setting provides information on the impact of random noise on the disturbed link from the DTX-1800 CableAnalyzer, as required by the standards. Unless your bundle sizes are greater than 48 cables, there is no need to update the Bias setting. If you would like to update the Bias setting, the procedure is as follows:
  1. Connect one terminating plug to the channel adapter of the DTX main unit and connect the other terminating plug to the channel adapter of the DTX remote unit.
  2. Connect the main and remote units via their communication path.
  3. Select Utilities > Update Bias Corrections.
  4. Click Start.
The AxTalk Analyzer software will collect 100 individual measurements to characterize the noise floor of the DTX-1800, and store a new custom bias correction file (takes approx 30 mins to do). To restore the original default bias correction, select Utilities > Restore Default Bias.