Example PS AXtalk result in Adobe PDF format - DTX Alien Crosstalk

Below is an example PS AXtalk test report. You can download it by clicking on the image. You will need Adobe Reader to view the example report.

You will note that PS AACR-F failed but the Over Status was a Pass. For 10GBASE-T, TSB-155 and TR24750, the PS ANEXT and PS AACR-F are not required to Pass, only the PS AXtalk Margin Computation at the bottom is required to Pass.

The PS AXtalk average margin computation consists of the (power) summation of PS ANEXT and PS AFEXT (that includes power backoff for each ANEXT and AFEXT measurement) minus the (power) summation of PS ANEXT limit and PS AACR-F limit + measured IL of the disturbed link averaged over the 10 MHz to 400 MHz frequency range.  Luckily, the software takes care of this for you.

For Augmented Category 6 and Class Ea, there is no PS AXtalk Margin Computation and both PS ANEXT and PS AACR-F are required to pass.

PS ANEXT and PS AACR-F Test Results