TERA® - DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer

To test to 1 GHz, please use the DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer which has been approved by Siemon.
TERA® is Siemon's Category 7 connector used in Class F and FA cabling systems.  It’s a non RJ-45, shielded connector.  Since it is not RJ45 based, you cannot use your DSX-PLA004 Permanent Link Adapters.  Likewise, you cannot use your DSX-CHA004 Channel Adapters.

To test Siemon TERA® correctly, you need to order the DSX-TERA-KIT for your DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer.  If you have a DSX-8000 CableAnalyzer, we will have available a 2GHz version of this kit in the near future.

Do NOT order just the DSX-PLA011s TERA Permanent Link Adapters.  You also need at least one DSX-CHA011 TERA® Channel Adapter so you can Set Reference with the main and remote units.  (Shown below)  Ordering the DSX-TERA-KIT is the best option when you initially need to start testing on a TERA® project.



Test Limits
You will find the Class F and FA test limits under the ISO folder:

When setting up your test, from the TEST SETUP screen, choose the correct Cable Type (we are using Generic Cat 7A S/FTP in this example), then select your Test Limit.  Tap the Test Limit: TIA 


Cat 6A Perm.  Link default setting (1), This will open the Last Used page, Tap MORE (2), Tap ISO (3) and then select the Class F or Class Fa Test Limit required (4).  Remember to SAVE (5).

Class FA is rated to 1,000 MHz (1 GHz).  You need a Level V tester such as the DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer to test this class of installation.

Class F is rated to 600MHZ.  You need a Level IV or better tester to test this class of installation.

If you purchase the kit (recommended), part number DSX-TERA-KIT, it will come with (2) DSX-PLA011 and (2) DSX-CHA011 adapters.