Serial number locations - DSX CableAnalyzer

It is important to know your serial numbers when you call in for Gold Support, Service or Technical Support.

Your DSX CableAnalyzer set will have four serial numbers. One for the main frame, one for the remote main frame and one for each of the DSX Modules. Remember, when it comes to calibration, only your DSX Modules need to be sent in unless you are experiencing issues with the main frames. If you are experiencing issues with the main frames, be sure to tell the Fluke Networks Associate that you have other issues apart from the need for calibration.

You can access these serial numbers by tapping TOOLS > Version Information on your unit. If they are connected, you will be able to see the remote main frame and its module.

Versiv/TFS main frame serial number
You will need to remove the module from the main frame to reveal the serial number:

DSX module serial number
With the nodule removed, flip the module over to reveal the serial number of the module:

Now do the same for the remote unit and module.