Results Management on Versiv

Did you know that you can review how Versiv was set up when you are looking at your saved results on Versiv?  To do this, tap the Results icon on the home screen, then tap the result in question to see the detail in the Performance tab.  The top line is the Test Limit that was chosen prior to testing.  Tap the > (right arrow) and Versiv will display more information about the setup, including

  • Cable Type
  • Test configuration details
  • Versiv Main and Remote module serial numbers and calibration information
  • Adapters used (Permanent Link or Channel)
  • Software Version




It is recommended that you make a point of SYNCing Versiv to LinkWare Live anytime you create new test configurations in LinkWare Live, and on an ongoing basis during testing, at least once in the morning and once at the end of the day to transfer the results to your LinkWare Live organization.

New with Version 5.4 Build 1, you will notice a difference in the Results screen when you tap VIEW ALL.  The Project folder now shows the tested status and export status.