Power Supply Change – DSX-5000

In late October, 2016, Fluke Networks transitioned to using new power supply for both Versiv (DSX, CFP, OFP, & FI-7000) and DTX. This move was driven by US regulatory regulations (Level IV power supply requirement).  In addition to meeting the new regulatory regulations, the new power supply is superior because it does not rely on interchangeable line cords.  Instead, it is wall mount power supply with interchangeable adapters. 

US/120 SKUs now ship with the standard power supply (US adapter) PWR-SPLY-30W

Replaces old part numbers obsolete as of Dec 31, 2016:  Versiv-ACUN, DTX-ACUN, DTX-ACNA

New orderable part number:  PWR-SPLY-30W


International Power Supplies:

Add power adapters needed by country or region.  You must order PWR-SPLY-30W AND PWR-SPLY-ADP to get the power supply and the power adapters.

PWR-SPLY-ADP contains EU, AU, and UK adapters for 30W power supply



PWR-SPLY-ADP-SA contains adapters for South Africa and India for 30W power supply