Patch cord certification with Channel Adapters - DSX CableAnalyzer

You cannot certify patch cords using the DSX-CHA004 Channel Adapters. You must use:

  • DSX-PC5ES (DSX Patch Cord Test Adapter Set for Category 5e patch cords)
  • DSX-PC6S (DSX Patch Cord Test Adapter Set for Category 6 patch cords)
  • DSX-PC6AS (DSX Patch Cord Test Adapter Set for Category 6A patch cords)

Wire Map and Length are the only meaningful measurements if you decide to test patch cords with the DSX-CHA004 Channel Adapters. Why? The Channel test measurement does not include the connection to the Channel Adapters, so the RJ45 plug termination is ignored; the very thing you want to measure.

ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 and IEC 61935-2 detail the methods for patch cord certification.

In addition, you will be using Channel Adapter test limits which are significantly easier to pass than the Patch Cord Adapter test limits. Take a look at the difference in margins when testing a 2.9 m (10 ft.) patch cord using DSX-CHA004 Channel Adapters (above) and DSX-PC5ES Patch Cord Adapters (below).

Note how the NEXT margin reported using the Channel Adapters is suspiciously high at 15.7 dB? That's because you are only measuring the 2.9 m (10 ft.) of cable, not the NEXT in the RJ45 plug.

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