Long-Range Communication Mode

DSX-5000 modules have a long-range communication mode that lets you do tests on very long cables, such as spools of cable and long links used for voice communications. The DSX-5000 automatically uses this mode when the cable is too long for normal communications between the main and remote testers.

For example, making a measurement on a Cat 6 cable longer than approximately 200 m will cause the testers to use long-range communication mode. When the testers use long-range communication mode, the arrows on the connection icon are orange:

Note: Tests take more time to complete in long-range communication mode. For example, an Autotest can take 90 seconds to two minutes to complete. A very long cable will fail the Autotest, but you can measure cable length and compare other results to results from a known- good cable of the same length to see if the cable is good.

If Wiremap fails, testing using Single Test Length will still show distance to fault (opens or shorts) and you can test from each direction, save, and compare the results to determine the pairs affected and the location of the fault.