Importing FAULT INFO examples into your Versiv

You will need a:

  • Versiv/TFS with Version 4.0 code or later
  • Windows PC
  • USB Thumb drive

Then do the following

  1. Insert a USB thumb drive into your PC.
  2. Download this file and save it to your PC.
  3. Run the file to see:

  4. Change the drive letter to the same as your USB thumb drive.
  5. Click in Unzip.
  6. Eject your thumb drive safely.
  7. Insert the thumb drive into your Versiv.
  8. From the HOME screen on your Versiv, tap RESULTS > TRANSFER > USB Flash Drive > Import.
  9. Select the project named FAULT INFO (It will have 8 results in it) and tap IMPORT.
  10. Change the project on your Versiv to FAULT INFO to view the results and enjoy!