Fix Later missing from DSX CableAnalyzer

If the FIX LATER option does not appear, it's because either the link passed or you have Auto Save enabled. To turn off Auto Save, tap Next ID: from the home screen and toggle the On/Off in the upper left corner of the screen. Tap DONE.

This feature is part of ProjX™. It allows you track your failures and come back to fix the links later. When a copper link fails, you will see a screen similar to this: 

            Failed Copper Link Result Screen

Tapping FIX LATER saves the failed test result.

When you view your results, the failures are grouped together. An example is shown below: 
            Failure Tests Grouped Result

In this example we will tap ID: FLOOR 1/RACK 01/024 which brings up the failed test result:


Connect the DSX CableAnalyzer to the fixed link and tap TEST AGAIN. Hopefully it passes as in this example: 
             Retest Result with Pass Screen

When you view your results again, you will have one less failure on your list.

            Retest Result with Fail Screen

This is in effect a punch list. It eliminates the need to download the results to a PC, find the failures and tell the technician which links to fix and retest.