Accuracy - DSX CableAnalyzer

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It's a product from the Fluke Corporation, so you know it is going to be accurate. But as is the case in the cabling industry, customers expect some form of independent verification of accuracy.

Intertek came to the Fluke Corporation factory here in Everett, WA and selected finished DSX-5000 CableAnalyzers from the production line. They verified our claims of Level V Accuracy to IEC 61935-1 Ed 4(Draft) including Level IV and Level IIIe.
Fluke Networks is the first test equipment vendor to be ETL Verified for Level V accuracy.

You can view the Intertek ETL Verified certificate here:
  • Level V to IEC 61935-1 (Draft Standard), supports testing Class FA to 1 GHz
  • Level IV to IEC 61935-1, supports testing Class F to 600 MHz
  • Level IIIe to IEC 61935-1 and ANSI/TIA-1152, supports testing Class EA and Category 6A to 500 MHz

By definition, support of Level IIIe means support for Level III (Class E/Category 6) and Level IIe (Class D/Category 5e).


In addition, the following cabling vendors have approved the DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer for warranty application testing. Clicking on their logo will open the approval letter:

AT and T      BELDEN      BrandRex      CommScope      Corning                            
Datwyler      EuroLANExcel      HCS Cabling Systems      Hellermann Tyton                         
Hubbell      Legrand      Leviton      LEONIKerpen      Nexans                        
NipponSeisson      Metz Connect      Panduit            R and M                             
Schneider Electric      Siemon      Superior Essex      TE Connectivity      Tokyo Fuji