Custom cable setup - DSP 4x00 CableAnalyzer

The best way to show this is in the form of an example. This also works in the same way for the DSP-100 and DSP-2000 CableAnalyzers.

To protect customers purchasing cabling systems, you cannot change the limit lines for NEXT, PSNEXT, ELFEXT, PSELFEXT, Attenuation and Return Loss. Any custom tests are clearly marked with an Asterisk, e.g. *Cat5*.

Example: I want to test a link with only two pairs.

Rotate the dial to SETUP. Highlighted Cable Type Screen
Press Key 4 until you reach page 7 Custom Cable Test List
Press ENTER Highlighted Custom Test Name
Decide on a name for your test; press ENTER to put the name into the analyzer.Entered Custom Test Name
Now we need to pick a standard to base the test on. In this example we will pick TIA Cat 3 Channel. Highlighted Test Standard for Custom Test
Now we need to change the cable name, in this example we shall enter SCTP. Highlighted SCTP Custom Test Name
Press Key 4 to advance to page 2. You can change the length an NVP here. Well keep it as it is in this example. Highlighted NVP Values
Press Key 4 will advance to page 3. Press ENTER to change.Highlighted Pair on WireMap Screen
Any configuration can be built.Disabled Pair in WireMap
Now press SAVE. Enabled shield on main screen in WireMap
Now select the standard you just created. Go to page 1 of 7 and press ENTER.Highlighted 2 Pair T1 Custom Test
Page down to find your custom limit and press ENTER. Once selected you can rotate the dial to AUTOTEST ready to go. Selected Custom Test for Autotest
 Autotest Main Screen