Measuring Optical Power-CertiFiber Pro

Did you know you can use CertiFiber Pro to measure Optical Power on a source or active equipment?

For this example, we will perform a Power Meter test on OM3 fiber using CertiFiber Pro Quad modules.

This type of testing can be used to measure optical power from a transceiver or as a quick loss test on a single fiber link.

Tap Tools, Power Meter/ Light Source



Clean and inspect all connectors you will use, and connect the CertiFiber Pro Remote’s output port to the CertiFiber Pro Main Unit’s Input port.

On the CertiFiber Pro Remote with CFP-QUAD “Q” module attached, hold the button next to the VFL port for 2-3 seconds until the output LED alternates red and green.  The TEST LED will also be flashing.  This changes the operation mode of the module from Smart Remote (used for certification testing) to Far End Source.  Using the CertiFiber Pro remote is not required for Power Meter / Light Source testing; we are just using the Remote as the far end source in this example.

Select the fiber type; MM for multimode, SM for singlemode.

Tap 850 nm and 1300 nm Wavelengths in the interface and it will show the measured power in dBm.



These results may be saved at any time by tapping the SAVE button.

If you want to do a loss measurement, you will need to set Reference by tapping REF first.

This zeroes out the reference cable.  If the Output port on the source is disturbed or disconnected, it invalidates the reference and will affect the measurement.  

Reset reference if that happens and continue.

Tap POWER to get back to the prior screen.  POWER shows measured power in dBm, and LOSS shows measured loss in dB.



The results may be saved, but there will be no loss limit.  If your project requires that you must have results with Pass/Fail limits, our recommendation is to create a custom fiber test limit instead.

For more information, review Chapter 10 in the Versiv Technical Reference Handbook.