Custom fixed loss limits in the CertiFiber Pro

If you are testing an "engineered link" using specific loss values, or testing a single fiber/simplex link, you will need to know how to configure a custom test limit. A YouTube video is also available detailing how this is done.

You can create up to 20 custom test limits in the CertiFiber Pro.

  1. Change to the PROJECT you wish to put this in or tap PROJECT from the home screen.
  2. Tap NEW TEST. (If the Module: does not indicate CertiFiber Pro, tap Module to change it to CertiFiber Pro)
  3. Tap Test Limit > MORE > Custom > MANAGE > Create.
  4. Tap the radio button next to Fixed:

    Note:  Loss Type: Connector and MPO Module are descriptors for the same "connection loss" field.  We recommend you make separate custom loss limits for Connector and MPO Module if you are testing both on one site.  Use the Name field to differentiate the two custom limits.
  5. To see:

  6. Go ahead and tap Enter New Limit Name.
  7. Enter Trunk 02a for example; this will be the limit name on the test report and tap SAVE. (Limit names can be up to 25 characters)
  8. Tap Overall Loss for each of the wavelengths you wish to customize, each time entering the allowable loss for that specific link.
  9. Once done, tap SAVE to store your new the custom test limit:

  10. If you tap your custom limit here, it will return you to the TEST SETUP screen with this limit selected, shown below.

  11. Don't forget to tap SAVE again to store your new SETUP.