Wire Map fails on shield - CableIQ

If the reason for non-qualification was due to a wire map shield failure, this could be an issue in the SETUP of the CableIQ. If you are testing a non shielded solution, you will need to ensure the shield test in the SETUP is disabled. Someone else may have enabled it before you.

If the shield test is not disabled when testing UTP cabling, you may see something similar to:



If the CableIQ is set to look for a shield which is not present, the SIGNAL PERFORMANCE can still pass but the Wire Map will fail.

To verify the settings, r
oate the dial on the CableIQ to SETUP. With Autotests highlighted, press ENTER to see:


Here we see that the shield test has been enabled for 1000BASE-T.

To disable it, press F2 then F1 and EXIT to save the setting. 


Rotate the dial back to AUTOTEST and begin testing again.