Signal Level - CableIQ


With the rotary dial set to DISCOVER and coax selected, the CableIQ will identify a signal present on the cable and give an indication as to the level of the signal.
Cabling is connected to a device at the far end, such as a television, CATV service, VCR, DVD player, satellite dish, or antenna. The signal level graph indicates the strength of the signal. Passive (non-amplifying) devices, such as satellite dishes and antennas, usually produce low-level signals in the cross-hatched area at the left side of the graph. Active devices, such as CATV service or a DVD player, produce levels beyond the cross-hatched area. The example below shows a VCRs signal level: 

fluke Networks CableIQ Signal Level

The bar on the graph is log scaled. Mid scale is approximately 10 dBmV. The low hash mark is approx 1 dBmV. A conversion table is provided below: 

Conversion Table One

Conversion Table Two