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CableIQ Bus Topologies

Connecting to Bus Topologies
Telephone cables wired in a bus topology (below) connect the wall outlets in series. In this topology, you measure the length from the last outlet to the distribution center.
If you connect to an outlet in the middle of the series, the tester reports a bridge tap. The length reported is the length to the outlet, which is the patch cord length. The tester cannot measure length past the outlet because reflections from the cables on either side interfere with measurements.
Tip: To quickly verify the wire maps of telephone cabling connected to a bridge tap, use the MultiMap function in DISCOVER mode. 
If you are unsure which outlet is the last in the bus, do the following: 
  1. Connect the wire map adapter or ID locator to the beginning of the bus at the distribution center.
  2. Connect the tester to an outlet. Turn the rotary switch to DISCOVER.
  3. The tester reports a bridge tap, move to another outlet. The last outlet will not show a bridge tap, and will show the length to the distribution center.