Category 5E (350 MHz)

You may see this in literature from a cabling vendor. There is only one Category 5e specification; ANSI/TIA/-568-C.2. The measurements are from 1 MHz to 100 MHz. Note that the e is lower case, an abbreviation for enhanced.

If you see a cable marked as Category 5E and/or specified to 350 MHz, it is probably a premium Category 5e cable. Please do not mistake it for a cheap version of Category 6 cable.

Now you know this, you may have inadvertently agreed to test to already.

DSX Cableanalyzer:
You do not need to configure this tester, it will automatically run to 350 MHz for Category 5e with the limit stopping at 100 MHz.

DTX CableAnalyzer:
You can configure the DTX CableAnalyzer to make the Category 5e measurement to 350 MHz, but the limit line will still stop at 100 MHz. There is no reference standard to refer to for measurements beyond 100 MHz for Category 5e. To extend the test frequency to 350 MHz, rotate the dial on the DTX CableAnalyzer to SETUP. Go to Instrument Settings > Store Plot Data and select Extended. In our experience, this will satisfy the terms of your contract for testing. However, you should seek agreement from the person who wrote the test specification.

You may wish to refer the specification writer to our copyright free template for testing Category 5e.