1000BASE-TX over Category 6

TIA/EIA-854 : A Full Duplex Ethernet Physical Layer Specification for 1000Mb/s operating over Category 6 Balanced Twisted Pair Cabling (1000BASE-TX).

This document specifies a full duplex Ethernet physical layer interface for 1000Mb/s operation over a 100 meters of a Category 6 twisted pair cabling channel, referred to as 1000BASE-TX.
The purpose of this document, 1000BASE-TX, is to provide an Ethernet physical layer specification that is low complexity and can easily be implemented by many vendors. This will take advantage of the improved transmission parameters provided by Category 6 cabling.
It was believed by the members of this project that a much simpler solution for data rates of 1000Mb/s operating over a 100 meters of Category 6 UTP cabling would be a benefit to users who migrate to the higher data rates. It would eliminate the complicated requirements in the 1000BASE-T standard of canceling the effects of crosstalk and return loss, providing a solution that could operate at a much lower power level, the potential for multiple ports per chip, and could be implemented at a lower cost.  As it turned out, the ports became cheap very quickly and so no hardware vendor adopted this standard.
ANSI decided not to adopt TIA/EIA-854. The IEEE also decided not to adopt this and keep with 1000BASE-T as in IEEE802.3ab.

Since there is no application for this limit and it was not adopted by either ANSI or IEEE, it is not in the DTX CableAnalyzer.