Registering Your Versiv Certification Tester

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Registering your product with Fluke Networks gives you access to valuable information on product updates, troubleshooting tips, and other support services. If you purchased a Gold Support plan, registration also activates your plan.

To register a Fluke Networks product, click here (log in or create an account).

How does registration work?

  • There are two ways to register Fluke Products. A number of products, like the Versiv Platform with the DSX-8000, CertiFiber Pro, OptiFiber Pro, or the LinkIQ ship with a printed QR code. This code contains the essential data to register these products such as the model and serial number. The QR code is the easiest way to register as it will contain information about all units, even in kits.
  • The other way to register products is manually through the web page. Specifically, this link will take you to the page:
  • Please Sign in to associate the registered products with your account.


What happens if I do not stay logged into MyAccount on LinkWare?

The Linkware Live and the accounts are not linked. There is no requirement to be logged into LinkWare Live to register products.