LinkWare™ Live 3 FAQ

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How many Projects and SubProjects can I have in LinkWare Live?

At this time there is no limit to the number of Projects you can create, and there also is no limit for how many SubProjects you can have in a Project. This version does not support a Project tree beyond one tier of SubProjects.

Can I build a test configuration in LinkWare Live and send it to my Versiv™?

Yes, and you do this within a Project by creating a test configuration, and then send it to Versiv when you SYNC.

How do I upload Cable IDs in LinkWare Live?

You can build a sequence, set up a custom ID set (non-sequential), or import an ID set from an Excel (.csv) file.

How do I know when calibrations are due or updates are available on my Versiv testers?

Use the Assets tab in LinkWare Live to review Status for new firmware availability and calibration status.

How do I invite others to my LinkWare Live Organization?

An Admin in the LinkWare Live organization can invite others in INTERNAL USERS > ADD USER, then enter the email, select a role type (Manager, Technician, or Viewer Only), and click INVITE USER.

What if I cannot see a project I configured in LinkWare Live?

Filter by All Projects, or if your filter is for Active projects, ensure the Project Status is set to Active.

Where can I find Help for LinkWare Live?

LinkWare Live has an online help system (look for HELP on the menu) and articles on the Fluke Networks Knowledge Base at /knowledge-base/copper-testing/linkware-live

How do I download ID Sets to label printers?

We have label integration with four companies that make portable printers. Look on The Knowledge Base for instructions which contains DYMO, Brother, Epson, and Brady printers with ID Sets from LinkWare Live.

What are the most common reasons for SYNC to fail?

Common reasons include, failing to use the TP-Link WiFi Adapter, incorrect LinkWare Live username/password, and network firewalls blocking TCP/UDP port 443.

I have several Versiv units, how can I use LWL to check the firmware and calibration date of the units?

In the ‘Assets’ tab of LWL, a yellow triangle indicates a unit is past the calibration date. A red 'X' that shows that new firmware available for your unit.

How can I use the ‘Assets’ feature of LWL?

The assets feature of LWL shows the last location a unit uploaded test results, firmware and calibration date of your units. To see the location of your units, you will need to be sure that assets are enabled. Check out our Knowledge Base on Live Assets at /knowledge-base/linkware-live/assets-linkware-live

What is the difference between one-click PDF reports in LinkWare Live and publishing reports in LinkWare PC?

One-click LinkWare Live reports display all the results in a PDF format. For interactive graphs and renaming Cable identifiers you should use LinkWare PC.