Fluke Networks® and TRS-RenTelco

Try-N-Buy Details and Qualifications

1) Qualified products include: DSX CableAnalyzerTM, CertiFiber® Pro, and OptiFiber® Pro

2) Reimbursement Qualifications: The customer must submit the following documentation to Fluke Networks:

  1. Proof-of-purchase (typically an invoice) of a qualifying model (see #1 above) from an authorized Fluke Networks distributor
  2. Proof-of-rental (typically an invoice) from our partner TRS-RenTelco
  3. The final day of the rental period and the date on the purchase invoice must be within 60 days of one another in order for the customer to qualify for rental reimbursement.

3) Reimbursed amount: Fluke Networks will reimburse qualifying customers up to $750.

4) Limitations:

  • Only one rental will be reimbursed per qualified purchase order per customer.
  • Program is only available in the United States and Canada.


For additional information:
[email protected] and reference Versiv Try-N-Buy Program.
Phone: 800-283-5853 (US/Canada) or 425-446-4519 (other locations).