REFLECTION LIMIT is flashing at 0 ft/m - Fiber QuickMap™

So you've attached your multimode cable and it reported 0 ft/m?

The Fiber QuickMap™ will report the following when either the port on the tester is dirty or there is a break in the first 3 ft/1 m.

Port and or connector is dirty
It goes without saying that both the launch cord and Fiber QuickMap port need to be clean. If you are using anything other than > 98% IPA, there is a chance of a thin film being left behind that will create additional reflectance. A far better solution than IPA is something called a Hybrid Cleaner. These cleaners are more agressive than IPA, evaporate quicker and provide a level of antistatic properties on the end faces of fibers and fiber ports.
The fiber is broken in the first 3 ft or 1 m
The minimum distance to the first reflective open is 3 ft or 1 m. It therefore makes sense to use a test cord than is greater than 1 m or 3 ft. You should ideally be using a 30 m launch fiber if you intend to evaluate the loss at the first event.