FindFiber Source ID number - SimpliFiber Pro

FindFiber mode helps you quickly identify link connections at patch panels.

To use FindFiber mode:
  1. Connect the meter and a SimpliFiber source or one or more FindFiber sources to the links as shown below.
  2. Turn on the meter and the source or FindFiber sources.
  3. If you are using a SimpliFiber source, press ID on the source.
  4. To change the number transmitted by a FindFiber source, turn the source off, hold down the power key for about 4 seconds; then release the key when the desired LED turns on.
  5. On the meter, press the MODE key until FindFiber™ appears.
  6. The meter indicates connectivity as shown below.
  7. If you see - - - - , there is no connectivity.