Deleting test records - SimpliFiber Pro

To view records, press the MODE key until VIEW RECORD appears. The wavelength and the measurement are shown for a given record. If the record contains measurements for multiple wavelengths, the display alternates between the measurements. In the example below, record # 5 is shown:


To delete the record you are viewing, press the F3 key DELETE twice.
If you delete a record below the highest record number, the meter does not reuse the empty memory location. Deleted records show - - - - for the measurement. For example, if we went to view Record 004 in the example above and pressed the F3 key twice to delete it, you would see:

To delete all records, hold down F3 key DELETE until DELETE ALL? appears; then press the F3 key again. Once they are deleted, they are gone for good.

There is no back door to recover deleted test results.