The worlds most trusted cable tester reaches an imporant milestone

November 30, 2011 / General

When I was a technician we worried about, bad cable, poorly performing jacks, and doubted our testers. The threat of ongoing callbacks and the risk of large installation re-dos keep contractors up at night. Those that have passed the test of time don’t leave much to chance.  But the contractors I know do make decisions based on trust. And trust is earned over time through a series of trials, tests and demonstration of performance.    

This week Fluke Networks announced that fifty thousand DTX Cable Analyzers have been sold to date.   To see the press release click on the following link! /content/fluke-networks%E2%80%99-industry-standard-dtx-cableanalyzer-sets-new-industry-sales-benchmark  

That makes it not only the preferred cable certifier, but the most common one in the world.  Seems pretty amazing.  But it’s not that surprising when you know how contractors think. They want things proven to be straightforward, efficient, tough, and trustworthy.  The reason why they’ve purchased so many DTXs is that it has delivered all of that and more. 

Another reason why it has been so popular is that the DTX CableAnalyzer has been a growing  test platform since it was introduced in 2004.   New test capabilities have been constantly added.  Some examples of what has been added since its introduction are Alien Crosstalk testing, Optical Time Domain Reflectometry, Network service testing, laboratory and production testing for components, and a series of three optical loss certification modules to support an evolution of standard launch conditions and test methods.  This year we updated the standards library  and cable menu and came out with new cat 5e, 6, 6A patch cord certification test adapters.  

This got me thinking about what the most considerations a contractor makes when choosing a cable tester.   As great as the DTX is, there are always things we can improve.  Over the coming months I’d like to have a conversation about what the top ten considerations are, what they should be, and why.  Post a comment about the most important things you think about when getting ready to buy a new certification tester.