January 26, 2012 / General

I received my new RCDD certificate, good through the end of 2014, in the mail last week. My reaction was more pensive than the elation I experienced after first passing the exam in 2003.

The Registered Communications Distribution Designer designation is awarded to individuals that have demonstrated certain knowledge and experience in relation to designing information transport systems by an organization called BICSI.  It can be a lot of effort to maintain this designation.  And I don’t currently work as a network designer, so one might ask why I have seen it worth the effort and continuing education to keep my RCDD current.

All the RCDDs out there will agree that one reason is because I don’t want to let the credential to lapse and have to sit for the exam again!  I suppose there is a chance that my career could change and I might find myself in a consulting or design role where it would be a requirement.  But the main reason I keep this designation is that it helps keep me in touch with the design community which has a major impact on our industry.  At Fluke Networks, we regularly provide test and measurement advice to Architects, Consultants, and Engineers as they design new campuses, datacenters, and retrofit existing enterprises with new cabling infrastructure.  RCDDs have to know a lot of things and don’t have the time to be test and measurement experts, so they often need some help.

Did you know that there is a “consultants and designers” resources page on the fluke networks website? For example, there are sample statements of work there to help you prepare for RFQs.  You’ll find twisted pair and fiber optic test specs posted there, along with a variety of other assets pertinent to design professionals. Check it out and let us know if you’d like to see something else there.